Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan Accessories

I had a nice trip to "Shuwaikh" yesterday to look for some accessories for me and gifts for family and friends for Ramadan, I found a lot of things that I would love to share with you, hope you'll like them

A big selection of trays, candle light holders and plates at PEACOCKS & PAISLEYS 
and I found out that they will have new things today and tomorrow so don't forget to check them out 

Very creative modern "Mubkhar" مبخر, tea "istikana" استكانه and cushions at Wings

In Dar Nur I couldn't stop taking pictures, love their tables, buffs, the ikat cushions.  They also sell Zeri crafts cushions, and dont forget to check the amazing new paintings of Ghada Al Kandiri they just received them yesterday

Things by November and their lovely and elegant accessories and they also sell Pieces By Farah "istekana's" and vases that I really love


  1. كل عام وأنتي بخير ومبارك عليك الشهر .. ماشاء الله المحل مرة سوالفه حلوة .. حبيت البوف الشالكي وطاولات الخدمةاللي عليها خطوط عربية

    1. وانتي بصحه وسلامه هالمحل ماشاء الله كله ذوق مثل صاحبته