Monday, December 26, 2011


First i would like to apologize for not posting anything during the last few weeks because i was out of the country. 
My first post after the break is a very special one since i really love her work that combined creativity, style and functionality. After getting an invitation to her exhibition, i was looking forward to see Farah AlHumaidhi's "Pieces" since i heard so many people speak highly of her.  The only thing i can think of to describe the exhibition is "It rose to the expectation of the people who know her work"
The use of new materials (Harden fabric) and the flexibility to customize your own piece is the main focus of this exhibition.  The Floating Piece (the center table below) is one of the most creative pieces mixing the wood with the dantelle (you have to see it in real its amazing)

The Interlocked Piece is my favorite

The side tables are the Nesting U shape and the C shape

 The Bubble collection

 And that is one of Farah's favorite piece and its a piece of art, a side table that can be divided into 3 ceperat tables 

The Rose on table is a table lamp that was handmade by her

The Dantelle on table and The Shy Piece

The Embraced bowl

and much more.... i'm sure you will fall in love with each piece

For more information Pieces By Farah

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