Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I couldn't write about Dubai Index when i was away cause I didn't have all the catalogs that i got from the different companies with me. But now i can share with you some of the things I saw and liked in the expo.
lets start with the lighting.  I found so many companies that are specialized in it, about 70% of them were Italian companies !! most of them offered classic chandeliers and the rest offered more of the modern/contemporary style.

Here are some pictures of what was displayed... The first 3 pictures below are the most creative and most beautiful chandeliers I've seen.

What i like about this line is the glass tiles that makes you go wild with your creation, it can be a glass wall, a chandelier or a partition with hidden lights  


This chandelier is from a German company and what i liked about it is that they can customize it to the size you prefer 

Great pendant light that you can find in kuwait in "Peacocks and Paisleys" a store in shuwaikh close to al Tilal complex (great shop you have to check it out)

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