Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silsal Ceramics

Samar Habayeb from Amman, Jordon is in my opinion, one of the best Middle-Eastern designers. While she has been continuing Silsal's 20 year old tradition of producing traditional oriental modern ceramics, I can't say that she's only specialized in that domain only because she's amazing with every single idea and design that she comes up with. High quality home accessories that are durable, and food safe, both microwave and dishwasher friendly. For more information, check out http://www.silsal.com/

My husband and I use these cups almost every night

As I said earlier,  she's not only an expert in ceramics, she started her amazing furniture line only in 2010.  I personally ordered some of her furniture pieces for one of my clients.

If you would like to see her work in Kuwait you will find it in Fa Gallery starting 14th September 2011 till the 25th September 2011.

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