Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let's take a trip to BIN NISF

For those of you who didn't hear of BIN NISF which i'm sure a lot of you did, here is a brief and useful information about what they have in their store. BIN NISF is a hardware store divided into sections electrical, gardens, storage's and cleaning.... etc.
First thing that caught my eyes were these hoses, which are one of the best qualities available in Kuwait.  They are durable and can withstand our harsh environment     

I like these boxes for storing the hoses if you want to have a neat look for you garden or backyard

Then I came across these scary looking but I guess useful long light nails that u can put on house windows and edges to prevent pigeons from nesting. 

For those tough to clean stains on any surface i'm sure you will find a suitable type of cleaner available exclusively there.

They also have a huge variety of shelves that can help you organize any type of storage area.

For those of you who want to hang frames on their walls without drilling holes into it, BIN NISF has the best solution which are the invisible thread that can be dropped from the ceiling all the way to the height you prefer.

To avoid scratching your nice floor and protect the bottom of your furniture when you move it around, I recommend to use these stickers under the furniture.  BIN NISF has them available in different types and shapes depending on your needs. 

An interesting tool that is very helpful, specially for us girls is these plastic disks that you can put under heavy pieces of furniture so you can move them around easily.

The main reason I wanted to visit them this time was to check out their new barbecue grill which is made by BIN NISF.  Its available in two different sizes.  I like the fact that the height of the grill surface is adjustable to enable you to control the heat of the grill.  Having wheels on it makes it very easy to move it around and having shelves is very helpful to store everything you need when barbecuing.

For more information you can call them on 1822233 or visit the store in Shuwaikh, their working hours from 8am till 8pm.


  1. i love that place you can find everything your looking for..
    good luck dear wish you happy blogging :*

  2. thaaanks a lot so kind of you seriously i'm not better than you ;*