Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chalk walls

I always love the look of chalk walls in any room of the house, it is commonly used in kid's bedrooms, but it also can be used in other areas like the kitchen, living room or any other area.  So don't limit yourself and go wild with your creative ideas.

I thought it was a regular black paint, but I just found out that there is a special spray paint that gives you the effect of the blackboard, and the remarkable thing is that the paint can be used on a lot of different surfaces like wood, metal, glass, ceramic...etc.
In Kuwait you can find it at any of the three branches of "Mogahwi" stationary Shuwaikh, Sharq and Salmiya.


  1. I never new about this spray before, its very useful, you gave me a lot of ideas to use this spray now, Im diffidently buying this spray. I would love to share your post in my blog

    1. yaa i really love the idea too and please do its all yours and so happy to share ideas and great subjects with a blogger like you :)

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