Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Majlis Design Compitition

There was a competition at Dubai INDEX that included six different interior designers  were each had to come up with his/her own design for the traditional Majlis with a contemporary look.  It was very interesting to sit and talk with most of the designers discussing the idea behind their work.  

One of the designers i met re-used different materials such as used tiers, robs, bottles...etc for the seats and tables of the majlis

even though this was designed as a Majlis, I prefer this kind of seating for a lounge or kids waiting area

The winner Majlis which is a great idea for the future 

This Majlis is a great idea for a beach chalet

And thats my favorite Majlis, love the idea, colors and materials she used and check out the wall clock with Arabic numbers :)

In my opinion this Majlis is not suitable for men !! but, it might be more for a ladies gathering area in a house

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