Monday, October 31, 2011

New addition to ARMANI

We all know ARMANI CASA with Armani's clean beautiful contemporary work, i love their materials and the amazing tones of colors 

In 2007 Armani started a new line in Kitchen in a partnership with Dada .  Between all the designs that he created i specially love Calyx "the disappearing kitchen" with satin finish wild doors and large panels were you can hide everything behind these doors even the refrigerator, dishwasher and ovens as required.  For me its a great idea for a small luxury spaces  

I came cross this booth in Dubai index and i stopped for couple of seconds thinking of what Armani has to do with Roca, both are great brands in their own way, so i was informed by them that after doing Armani hotel in Dubai where all the accessories in the bathrooms were from Roca, they established a new line of  Armani/Roca bathrooms where you can find everything from wall and floor tiles to accessories and even lighting.
The concept is an elegant island divided into four areas, the beauty area, the wellness bath area, the basic needs area and the wellness shower area.  I've seen all the materials and colors that they offer and i love every single piece

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