Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SAMOVAR Carpets & Antiques

It took me 2 visits to SAMOVAR showroom to explore all their amazing and luxurious pieces that has been collected from all around the world.  Its a family based business that started with the Persian Carpet Exhibition in Salmiya and expanded to open SAMOVAR Carpets & Antiques showroom in Shuwaikh Al Tilal Commercial Center, link  They Have a huge selection of the highest quality Handmade Carpets from Iran, India, Turkey ....etc some are vintage and very rare to find.

These are a Vintage Anatolian Carpets from Turkey, some of them patchwork and some are not.
They bleach them and then dyed them with new modern colors  

I came across this vintage carpet that was redyed with modern colors, imagine how perfect it will look in a children's bedroom :)

They have a wide variety of modern carpet that satisfy every taste........ "A very manly carpet" that i'm sure guys would like :)

The collection "RUG STAR" Designed by Jurgen Dahlmann are the most beautiful modern rugs that i have ever seen. The designer collection was drawn from many inspiration ranging from his own imagination to real subjects that he encountered.

If you visit the showroom, you have to check out these unique glass sculptures by a UK based designer Amanda Brisbane.  Her collection is inspired by the beauty of nature. 

For classic and Antique lovers SAMOVAR offers selective antique pieces from Europe and the Islamic world

 Beautiful classic chandeliers are also available from Europe and Turkey that can decorate both modern and classic houses 

Transforming pieces of culture into a beautiful pieces of modern art was the idea behind using vintage kaftan fabrics and old Anatolian textiles from the Ottomans period as a wall hanging display.

An advice for those of you who are thinking of buying a item from SAMOVAR, ask about the history of that item you like and i'm sure you will hear an interesting story behind each one.

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